AmiHear - Hearing Amplifier, Recorder

AmiHear - Hearing Amplifier, Recorder

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AmiHear = Hearing aid app + Recorder + No Ads

AmiHear Hearing Amplifier is a perfect for hearing impaired people who do not want to use prescription hearing aids! AmiHear turns your headphone into hearing aid and provide unlimited recording that traditional hearing aids can not provide. Using your phone's microphone to pick up sound, AmiHear can denoise, amplify and record sound around you simultaneously.

Worry about social distance? No Problem. By using Bluetooth headphones with AmiHear, you can hear clearly even 30ft (10M) away from speaker. Turn your hearing impaired ear into miracle ear.

Powered with state-of-art technology, AmiHear lets you play back your favorite recordings SLOWLY, CLEARLY with denoise and amplification and, most importantly, without any distortion.

AmiHear provides self-fit built-in hearing test. Based on Hearing test result, AmiHear will automatically adjust audio to compensate your auditory imbalance.

1. Boost hearing -- powerful and controllable sound amplifier
2. Patented Noise Suppression Algorithm- eliminates background noise, increases speech intelligibility.
3. Unlimited smart recorder
4. Playback recording with slower speed if you can't hear clearly.
5. Hearing assistant in three modes: Indoor, Outdoor, HearThru
6. Self-administrated hearing test.
7. Listening device engineered to an individual's own hearing profile
8. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) without over-amplifying loud sounds for ear protection
9. Wind noise removal
10. Hearing Equalizer: Adjust treble, middle and bass tones to your preference
11. Full control the noise level at your fingertips to prevent Tinnitus.

How to use AmiHear Hearing Amplifier?
1. Pair your Bluetooth headphones with your cell phone or plug in earphone
2. Place your phone close to speaker or under TV
3. Launch AmiHear Hearing Amplifier
4. In Home tab, press START button to start capturing audio and amplify to your earphone.
5. Adjust volume boost level and denoise level by moving two bars on Home tab screen.

AmiHear Hearing Amplifier is a software hearing aid app on your phone that can help you when your medical hearing aid device is out of battery or you forgot where your hearing aid was left.

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What's new

1.Support AmiHear in Spanish, German, and Chinese
2. Run Hearing test by yourself. Or if you got result from audiologist, you can manually input hearing test result into AmiHear for hearing adjustment.
3. Hearing assistance with free noise suppression and free amplification of clear voice
4. Record conversation in realtime. Play back your recording slowly and clearly
5. Fine-tuning the sound using the equalizer for clarity



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