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BH Telecom d.d. Sarajevo . 1.7.4 29/09/2021
If you are a mobile user of BH Telecom, download the My BH Telecom app and get quick and easy insight into useful information about your connection and current consumption. For postpaid users:      • current consumption within the package,      • instant consumption outside the package,      • detailed listing of activities,      • amount of unpaid bills,      • the most numerous,      • the repayment status of the purchased device,      • sending credits to Ultra customers,      • Review of completed updates. For prepaid users:      • loan balance,      • connection status,      • the most numerous,      • detailed listing of activities,      • sending credits to Ultra customers,      • Review of completed updates. The display of information may vary depending on the type and content of the user package (Extra, Ultra, NoLimit, MyM, TopTim, Combo, Student). The mobile number and password are entered only when the application is first started. The existing BH Telecom portal password ( is used or a new one is generated through the Registration process. Internet connection via mobile or WiFi is required to use the app.

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